Captain Rikta Len

Captain of the USS Normandy. Commendations for service in the Dominion War for actions in the Gamma Quadrant and the Battle of Betazed.


Str: 7 Agl: 9* (+1) Int: 8 (+1) Vit: 7 Prs: 12* (+3) Per: 8 (+1) *favored

Quick: +1 Savvy: +3 Stamina: +0 Willpower: +1 Init: +1 Defense: 8 Courage: 3 Wound Points: 7

Betazoid abilities: Psionic, Telepathy, Peaceful (+4 to Negotiate (Mediate))

Skills: Athletics 1 (+2); Computer Use (retrieve) 2 (+3); Enterprise-Admin. 3 (+4); Entertain-Dance 1 (+4); First Aid 1 (+3); Knowledge-Betaz. 8 (+9); Knowledge-Politics 2 (+3); Language-Betaz. 5 (+6); Language-Fed. 3 (+4); Negotiate (mediate) 1 (+2); Persuade 1 (+4); Ranged Combat-Energy 3 (+5); Repair 2 (+4); System Ops (command) 5 (+7); Tactics (space) 2 (+3); Unarmed Combat-CQC 3 (+5)

Psi: 8 (+1) Telepathy: 1 (+2)

Professional Abilities: Starship Duty (Command), Command Presence

Edges: Command 2 (starship), Promotion 5 (captain), Fit, Confident

Flaws: Rival (Toxana Vriix), Intolerant (Dominion)


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Pale; moon faced; wiry build; straight black hair. Wears her hair in a long braid, sometimes coiled in a bun.

HISTORY: Brought up on Betazed with her twin sister, Selara. Their family did not have an aristocratic history, but they were proud descendants of several decorated warriors of the Terab conflict. Their father was a transportation specialist, and they sometimes spent seasons with him carting goods and people around the Betazed system. Rikta and Selara felt out of place in the largely pacifistic Betazoid society, and this drove them to seek out training in Starfleet. Instead of chosing to specialize in a counselor role, Rikta chose administration/command, and Selara chose security. Selara eventually went on to join the Starfleet Marine Corps.

For several years Rikta was a navigation officer on the USS Jakarta, patrolling the Romulan/Federation neutral zone. Rikta was a particularly powerful telepath, and the Jakarta science officers were curious if she could detect cloaked warbirds. When the Dominion War struck, she requested reassignment to a scout vessel destined for the front. She and her sister participated in several large battles of that war. (Note: Clearly I’m going to have to look up what those were!). At one point in the war, the wormhole was closed, with Rikta in the Alpha Quadrant and Selara stuck in the Gamma. It was during this time that Selara was captured and tortured by the Dominion, who sought to learn more about telepathy by studying her. The suffering experienced by Rikta through their telepathic bond was crippling, for it ignored the light years of distance between them. Desperate, Rikta damaged the telepathic paracortex of her brain, breaking the connection. Sadly, this meant that when the wormhole was restored, Rikta could not use her telepathy to locate Selara. Rikta sees this as abandoning her sister, and considers it her greatest failing.

Damaged both in her telepathic abilities and spirit, her superiors urged her to take shore leave on Betazed. Unfortunately, she did right as the Dominion took it over. Rikta was influential in forming the Betazed resistance, inspiring other betazoids with personal bravery and with tales of the Terab conflict and the ancient struggle of the mythic Krystaros against the demons of hate and fear.

After the war, Rikta was recognized and promoted for her efforts. She spent two years as an attache to Ambassador Lwaxana, who Rikta thinks is hilarious. She then joined the USS Spector as its first officer after the previous number one, a Vulcan, died from a botched pon farr. Rikta was subsequently selected to captain the new USS Normandy.

VALUES (What’s important to him/her, what does he/she see as justified in the persuit of his/her goals, what would he/she never do no matter what, etc): Rikta believes strongly in the values of the Federation, particularly the urge to seek the truths of the universe. She values honesty, and tries to remove barriers to openness like fear or shame. She feels that force is necessary for the protection of the Federation and its values, and believes that this is not something regretful. She will never use her telepathy on Starfleet except in self defense or with consent, but has no qualms about using telepathy on non-Federation entities. She and her sister were believers in a theory of betazoid societal evolution that humans would call Darwinist. Specifically, that telepathy evolved among betazoids in order to more efficiently kill predators and natural competition on Betazed. One philosophical implication of this is that telepathy is at least partly a martial discipline and betazoids used to have a martial culture, one that might be revived now that the betazoids face conflict in the wider galaxy. Betazoid ‘militants’ point to the Terabian conflict and the recent Dominion occupation as examples in their favor.

PERSONALITY: Blunt. Unpretensious. Resolute, even stubborn. She understands the role of authority on morale, and projects confidence. She also knows the value of diplomacy, and is more manipulative when dealing with non-Starfleet organizations.

QUIRKS (If any; little aesthetic details to add depth): Physically restless. Enjoys martial arts and dance, and holodeck romantic tales (she is discreet about these hobbies). Has a bracelet which contains a hidden hypospray of a drug that will knock out her telepathy completely for 16 hours, and even grants a slightly higher difficulty for her to be affected by telepathy. Frequently drinks Cataran tea, chilled. Due to the ship’s name, she recently became curious about the human ‘World War II,’ and knows various trivia about that history.

Captain Rikta Len

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