Deltan Runaway Turned Starfleet Medical Specialist


STR 4 -1
INT 10 +2
AGI 4 -1
PRS 12 +3
VIT 9 +1
PER 8 +1
PSI 11 +2

Age: 30
Height: 1.67 m
Weight: 77.1 kg

Energy Weapons +0
Health: 8
Defense: 6

Courage: 3
Renown: 0

Language (Deltan) 6, Specific World (Delta IV) 6, Language (Federation Standard) 4, Politics (Orion Syndicate) 4

Empathy 3, Pain Reduction 3, Streewise 2, Impersonate 1, Forgery 1, Medicine (Neurology) 4, Influence (Seduce) 3, Computer Use (Retrieve) 2, First Aid 2, System Operation (Medical) 3, Energy Weapons 1, Sculpture 2

Skill Focus (Seductive), Skill Focus (Compassionate), Likeable

Enemy (Venjalaraksho)

Starship Duty, Starship/Starbase Protocol

Quickness +1, Savvy +3, Stamina +1, Willpower +2

+1 Prs, +1 Per, -1 Vit; Psionic; Empathy 2; Pain Reduction 1; Pheromones: Influence (Charm) +1, Influence (Seduce) +3



Dr. Ylea left her home on Delta IV out of wanderlust and rebellion at the tender age of 15. She spent several years fending for herself using her species’ sexual talents, and eventually fell in with the Orion Syndicate, where she was used as a sex slave. Her broker, a particularly cruel and jaded Orion named Venjalaraksho, often used her for his own pleasure, and became hopelessly addicted to her, as often happens to less “sexually mature” species that dabble with Deltans. He began to covet her and neglected to use her to earn profit, and fell into arrears with his creditors and bosses within the Syndicate. He was swiftly punished with an attack by a band of Naussican mercenaries, and Ylea escaped in the confusion. She remained on the run until she met up with a Starfleet officer who arranged asylum for her in exchange for whatever information she had on the Syndicate. She managed to get Venjala, who had narrowly survived his punishment, put in a Federation penal colony, and for her own part was able to secure a place at Starfleet Medical. Over the course of her education, she acquired advanced degrees in neuropathology, especially psychic and psionic disease. She worries about Venjalaraksho’s eventual release, knowing that nothing will stop him from coming after her again, but she does her best to put it out of her mind and just do the best job she can. Her hobbies include Vulcan poetry, advanced kinetic sculpture, and holography.


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