Tobin Lan

Chief Engineer of the USS Normandy.


Strength 0 Agility +1 Intelligence +3 Vitality +1 Presence 0 Perception +1

Quickness 1 Savvy 1 Stamina 1 Willpower 5

Initiative 1 Defense 8

Skills: Athletics 1 Construct 8 Computer Use 5 Engineering -Propulsion 7 -Structural 6 -System 9 First Aid 4 Gaming 4 Negotiate 4 Persuade 2 Ranged Combat -Energy 3 Repair 7 Science -Physical 4 System Ops 7 Unarmed Combat -Starfleet Self Defense 2

Edges: Unyielding, Command 1, Curious, Night Vision

Professional Abilities Engineering Certification, Flaws: Familiar Face (eye), Addiction (Caffiene)


5’8” tall, ave build, brown hair, blue eyes, Trill spots. Most notably, though, is his left eye, a cybernetic replacement along with noticeable scarring.

Tobin was born and raised on the Varrus colony, on the outskirts of Federation space. At 18, he returned to Trill to study, where he became involved with the Symbiosis Commission. By 21, he was accepted for joining, and shortly thereafter graduated and was accepted into the Academy.

Thoughout the Adacemy, Tobin showed an aptitude for engineering. His first assignment was on the Hood (though he didn’t serve with Riker). In 2372, Tobin was transferred to engineering team on the Tripoli. He served with distinction until 2374 when the Tripoli was damaged beyond repair by Dominion forces during a convoy escort mission. Though the convoy was saved, the Tripoli was severely damaged. Tobin, along with the rest of the engineering team, managed to hold the ship together long enough to get the crew to the escape pod. In the last moments, Tobin was caught in a plasma conduit rupture, scarring the left side of his face and costing an eye.

Following recovery, Tobin took an R&D position at Starbase 37. There, he worked on Project Tenebrae, an attempt to design a reconaissance ship using more conventional stealth techniques (rather than outright cloaking) using a heavily-modified Nova spaceframe. At the conclusion of the project, he was transferred to the Normady as chief engineer. While rewarding, starbase life just wasn’t to his liking, since he prefers to be on the frontier, and in thick of things – just like his upbringing in the colonies.

This is Tobin’s first posting as chief engineer, and he retains a very hands-on management style. He delegates and manages, but more often than not is found crawling through Jeffries tubes or doting on the warp core. He has a tendency to view the ship as “his” and shares the same emotional attachment common to most engineers. He cares deeply for the men and women in his department.

Tobin likes to foster a strong sense of teamwork in his crew. He is usually friendly, but the wounds of the Dominion wars haven’t quite healed – his temper occasionally flares up.

Tobin is also hopelessly addicted to caffiene. The aformentioned temper tends to rear its head when he hasn’t had his coffee. In his off time, he enjoys playing chess in the mess hall and model ship building, and has a fondness for jazz (acquired during his youth on the mostly-human colony world of Varrus. He also carries a modified engineering tricorder with a ruggedized red casing.

Tobin is Lan’s third host. The first was Seris, a doctor – good at her job, but no one terribly famous. She eventually settled down to start a family, and became the director of a hospital on Trill. The second was Aren, a gambler… not the most shining example of Trill society, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a con man. He was more of a “creative negotiator.” Later in life, he settled down with the Trill government, playing a pivotal role in the negotiation of several key trade agreements.

Tobin Lan

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