Tiburonian Technophile First Officer With a Past


STR 6 +0
INT 10 +2
AGI 8 +1
PRS 12 +3
VIT 8 +1
PER 8 +0

Age: 29
Height: 1.8 m
Weight: 81.6 kg

Energy Weapons +2
Starfleet CQC +3
Health: 8
Defense: 8

Courage: 3
Renown: 6

Language (Tiburonian) 6, Specific World (Tiburon) 6, Language (Federation Standard) 6, Politics (Federation) 2

Computer Use (Retrieve) 3, Administration 4, System Operation (Command) 4, Repair 1, Energy Weapons 1, Influence (Charm) 4, Negotiate 2, Tactics (Space) 4, Starfleet CQC 2, Gaming 1

Coordinator, Promotion (4), Command (1), Famous Event

Coward, Species Enmity (Cardassians)

Starship Duty, Starship/Starbase Protocol

Quickness +1, Savvy +3, Stamina +1, Willpower +2

+1 Prs, -1 Vit; Amiable: +2 to Influence (Charm) and Influence (Seduce); Gamester: +1 to Gaming; Technologically Adept: +1 to Computer Use and System Operation



Gavin was born and raised on the tech-savvy world of Tiburon. His was a family of systems developers, and he learned a great deal about the family trade. When he came of age he joined Starfleet to pursue that interest, and worked his way up to Ops Chief and Second Officer of the Barbarosa. During the Dominion War his ship was assigned to assist a task force in destroying a ketrocel white facility in Cardassian space at Pres-Tel IV. The Barbarosa was severely damaged and the captain and first officer were gravely injured, forcing him to take command. He got the ship back in working order in a matter of hours and coordinated with the other captains in the task force to destroy the facility. In the midst of the battle, he ordered the destruction of a fleet of civilian freighters attempting to escape with a considerable reserve of white. He made a considerable number of Cardassian enemies in doing so, and there was a formal review of the decision. Starfleet deplored the loss of civilian life, but due to the urgency of disrupting production and circulation of white, no charges were filed. For his handling of the battle he was promoted and made executive officer of the Normandy. In addition to being a skilled tactician, Commander Gavin has intimate understanding of all starship systems and excels at coordinating group efforts effectively. His experience at Pres-Tel IV has made him cautious, and causes him to consider deeply before taking action, but his confidence hasn’t been shaken. Gavin is charming and outgoing, in typical Tiburonian fashion. He enjoys simulation and strategy games, but rarely finds the time to play.


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