Morbren Gran

Loquacious Tellarite Ship's Counselor


STR 8 +1
INT 11 +2
AGI 8 +1
PRS 11 +2
VIT 10 +2
PER 7 +0

Age: 30 Height: 1.67 m Weight: 91 kg

Unarmed +1
Ranged +2
Health: 11
Defense: 8

Courage: 3
Renown: 4

Language Tellarite 6, Language Federation Standard 6, Specific World (Tellar) 6, Politics (Federation) 4

Persuade (Debate) 4, Culture 4, Appraise 1, Medicine (Psychology) 4, Inquire (Interview) 4, Energy Weapons 1, System Operation 1, First Aid 2, Negotiate (Mediate) 4,

Healthy, Friendly

Starship Duty, Ship’s Counselor

Quickness +1, Savvy +2, Stamina +2, Willpower +2

Vitality +1, Presence -1; Bonus Edge: Meticulous; Bonus Edge: Exceptional Fortitude; Skill Focus: Exhaustive (+2 to Inquire and Persuade (Debate)); Pig-Headed: -2 to Influence; Poison Endurance: +4 to Sta tests vs. poison; Stubborn: Must spend 1 Courage to back down from a position in an argument


Counselor Gran was born to a clan of prominent bankers on Tellar, and left behind the promise of a lucrative career to join Starfleet. He showed promise in psychology, and was admitted into Starfleet Medical. During and after the Dominion War he served with distinction at Starbase 23 counseling traumatized soldiers, particularly those who were reluctant to talk about their experiences. He developed a reputation for never giving up on patients, even those who have given up themselves. Being that Gran was famous for more or less badgering his patients into talking, Starfleet had some reservations about posting him as a ship’s counselor; however they were unable to argue with results, or, as it turned out, Gran. His Tellarite tenacity payed off, and Gran was selected to serve as ship’s counselor aboard the Normandy.

Morbren Gran

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