STR 14 +4
INT 7 +0
AGI 6 +0
PRS 9 +1
VIT 12 +3
PER 7 +0

Age: 25
Height: 2.3 m
Weight: 130 kg

Unarmed (Boxing) +9
Energy Weapons +5
Health: 16
Defense: 7

Courage: 3
Renown: 0

Language (Gorn) 6, Specific World (Cestus III) 6, History (Cestus III) 2

Boxing 5, Survival 1, Energy Weapons 5, Repair 1, Athletics (Run) 2, First Aid 1, Inquire (Interrogate) 2, Investigate (Search) 2, System Operation (Security) 2, Tactics 1, Observe 3

Fit, Dodge

Starship Duty, Security Ops

Quickness +0, Savvy +1, Stamina +4, Willpower +3

STR +3, VIT +1, AGI -2; Bonus Edge: Competitive; Bonus Edge: Resolute; Determined: +2 to contested Influence and Persuade tests to change his mind; Natural Armor: -1 dmg from all attacks; Poor Communicators: -2 to Persuade and Influence; Poor Sense of Smell: -2 to Observe (Smell)


Kresh’larng grew up on Cestus III where he had extensive contact with humans. Seeking new opportunities and experiences, he left for Starfleet Academy and hasn’t looked back. He is taciturn, finding extensive conversation irritating. Like all Gorn Kresh’larng is slow to make up his mind, but once he commits to a course of action, he is implacable. Lt. Kresh’larng has a great appreciation for the Earth martial arts form known as boxing, and enjoys holodeck simulations that allow him to fight strong opponents, often testing the limits of the safety protocols. He serves the Normandy as a security officer under Lieutenant Commander Sevok. What the Lieutenant lacks in speed and agility he makes up for in size and power. At 2.3 m and 130 kg, Kresh’larng is a massive juggernaut of a man whose body can absorb incredible punishment. One blow from his trained fists often has all the stopping power he needs.


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