Star Trek: Normandy

Episode 5 - Before Dishonor, Pt. I

Stardate 58298.1

The Normandy was sent to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Federation and independent freighters running cargo along the Klingon border. A stop at K7 revealed that the lost freighters were all carrying a substance called meridium, and vanished in the Darvak system. The Normandy took some meridium aboard and set her transponder signal to suggest a Federation freighter, and then headed off to the Darvak system. There she discovered a lepton radiation signature that suggested an older cloaking device, as well as debris from freighters that showed indications of Klingon disrupters. It was then that Normandy received a message from Ambassador Worf on Q’onoS requesting evacuation for himself and Chancellor Martok. It would seem that the Houses of GrintaH and Tolgoth are in open rebellion against the Council, being among the few great Houses with ships and crews left after the Dominion War. Q’onoS is a warzone, and the Ambassador and the Chancellor required assistance. Shortly thereafter, a GrintaH bird of prey decloaked and attacked the Normandy. After dispatching it easily, she proceeded to the homeworld. Along the way she was intercepted by a GrintaH family Vor’cha cruiser. She demanded the Normandy leave Klingon space immediately, so Captain Len, seeming to comply, ordered the Normandy to skirt the patrol through a nearby Mutara class nebula. Suddenly, a wave of House of Martok birds of prey decloaked and assaulted the GrintaH ships to create a diversion. Third Commander Alexander Roszenko hailed the Normandy and told them to take the opportunity to continue to Q’onoS. She did, and upon arrival, removed Martok and Worf to the fortress world of Q’orgath. Martok appointed Captain Len an official privateer in the service of the House of Martok with license to prey on GrintaH and Tolgoth ships. The Normandy made a stop back at station K7 to relay the situation to them, and was asked to deliver some of the cargo that could no longer move along the trade route to Martok on Q’orgath. They did so, and Martok told them to keep a crate that was sent along with them, which turned out to be a cloaking device. “Consider it a loan,” he said.




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