Star Trek: Normandy

Episode 3 - Storm Front

Stardate 58288.6

The Normandy was assigned to a task force under the Titan which was conducting a fleet reduction exercise against the Breen, warping into and observing three key systems in Breen space and destroying any fleetyards she encountered with tricobalt devices. Much to the shock of her crew, she found that the Borg had beaten them to the punch. Two of the systems were devastated and almost totally assimilated. The Orias system however was fortified as a last holdout against the invading force. The Borg attacked, and took out most of the Breen forces, when the Normandy interceded and beamed one of her tricobalt torpedoes aboard a cube. It exploded, taking out a neighboring cube and heavily damaging the other. She used her second tricobalt torpedo to take out the nearly defenseless cube. The Normandy then destroyed the Borg collective relay with her last tricobalt device and retreated to rendezvous with the task force and report her findings to Starfleet.



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