Star Trek: Normandy

Episode 2 - Mutiny on the HMS Normandy

Stardate 58228.3

The Normandy departed DS9 to transport Klingon ambassador Worf to Casperia Prime for a conference. The mission was going smoothly, until commander S’Vok attempted to load a Romulan card game holodeck program he had purchased from Quark. The program announced that it was a Tal Shiar classified briefing and requested a security code. When the commander was unable to provide one, the program attacked him, and then locked down the ship and identified itself as Subcommander Natral. Natral used the internal security systems to isolate the crew, but they worked around and through them. Dr. Williams took sickbay off the EPS mains and severed the ODN connections, allowing it to function autonomously off its own emergency backup power. He then sent the EMH to various points in the ship to relay messages to the crew. Commander S’Vok fought his way out of Holodeck 1, and was treated by the EMH for his wounds. Captain Len went to check on the ambassador, and received a visit from the EMH while there. She also received a telepathic message from S’Vok, revealing to her his psionic abilities. Chief Engineer Lan worked to get from engineering to the computer core, which proved no mean feat due to a preponderance of security containment fields. He wired the EPS lines to overload the field generators, but Natral responded by announcing that she intended to take the ship to be dissected by the Tal Shiar, and by creating numerous holographic sentries throughout the ship. Meanwhile Dr. Williams beamed an agent designed to compromise the bioneural gelpacks into the ship’s atmosphere, and beamed Cpt. Len and LtC. S’Vok to sickbay, using the emergency medical transporters. LtC. Lan modified several phasers and fought his way through the holo-sentries, and Cpt. Len and S’Vok crawled along the ODN lines to the main computer core, where they rendezvoused with the chief engineer. Together they rushed to lock Natral away in an isolated memory sector as she disengaged life support, vented atmosphere, and shut down artificial gravity. In the end the crew was victorious. S’Vok analyzed the program and discovered it was a briefing on a Federation stealth system project, called Project Tenebrae.



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