Star Trek: Normandy

Episode 1 - Into the Nightmare

Stardate 58217.3

This is the Normandy’s maiden voyage. Her mission was to rendezvous with a Romulan warbird, the D’Tran, and seek out the missing Federation starship Tycho Brahe, which was last seen surveying the Gamma Quadrant with a joint Federation and Romulan crew as part of a peaceful science mission to build positive relations. To ensure things went smoothly, a diplomatic envoy was sent: Toxana Vriix, High Manu of the Heshalagar of Betazed and personal rival of Captain Len. The Normandy set off through the wormhole, where Captain Len had a brief and disturbing vision, and arrived at the rendezvous point without incident. After a short briefing fraught with interpersonal friction, the two ships set out on their search of the Barathus sector. What they found was a field of ionizing radiation and a strange alien obelisk. The Tycho Brahe was nearby in a decaying orbit around the same dead world. The radiation was highly hazardous to starship systems, so a probe was sent. Its telemetry confirmed that the crew of the Tycho Brahe were all dead, and its systems were without power and damaged beyond use. Chief Engineer Tobin Lan devised a way that the ship’s shields could be reset to a multiphasic modulation, allowing the ship to survive in the field for about 10 hours. The damage to the shields, however, would require extended repairs afterward. As the discussion went on, the crew began to experience horrible visions, and the ambassador revealed to the Captain that she sensed a terrible being from Betazed’s past, a Demon of Pain and Fear, inhabiting the alien device emitting the radiation. The Romulan ship, apparently similarly effected, charged at the object firing all weapons and was instantly vaporized by a highly advanced and immensely powerful polaron beam. In a bold attempt to cast the demon out, the captain joined with the ambassador, her Betazoid retinue, and Vulcan nurse T’Chani to drive the demon out, with T’Chani serving as the link’s “shields” against psychic attack. Physical manifestations of horror began to appear on the ship as it drew near to the object. The demon’s hold on the object was briefly broken, though terrible psychic damage was done to T’Chani, and the Normandy was able to tractor the Tycho Brahe away from the range of the radiation. To prevent further damage, Captain Len ordered that a probe be outfitted with a torpedo warhead to be used as a long range missile, and had the object destroyed. Unfortunately this widened the radius of the radiation from 10 AU to 50. The Normandy then returned to DS9 with the ship in tow. It was revealed by analysis of the ship’s computer core that the Tycho Brahe had discovered the object and studied it, finding it to be a sort of massive replicator system for the planet below. It appears that when the object was damaged millenia ago, the radiation from its power core destroyed the planet. They tried to activate it and discovered it had a psychic interface, allowing it to anticipate the needs of the populace below. The examination awakened the demon that had come to inhabit it, and it filled the minds of the crew with horrors that killed them. A desperate retaliatory attack exacerbated the damage and caused the radiation to spread, killing the survivors on the Tycho Brahe and frying its systems.

Upon return to DS9, the Normandy’s crew began repairing the ship, and brought T’Chani to Dr. Bashir to see what he could do for her.



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