Star Trek: Normandy

Episode 5 - Before Dishonor, Pt. I
Stardate 58298.1

The Normandy was sent to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Federation and independent freighters running cargo along the Klingon border. A stop at K7 revealed that the lost freighters were all carrying a substance called meridium, and vanished in the Darvak system. The Normandy took some meridium aboard and set her transponder signal to suggest a Federation freighter, and then headed off to the Darvak system. There she discovered a lepton radiation signature that suggested an older cloaking device, as well as debris from freighters that showed indications of Klingon disrupters. It was then that Normandy received a message from Ambassador Worf on Q’onoS requesting evacuation for himself and Chancellor Martok. It would seem that the Houses of GrintaH and Tolgoth are in open rebellion against the Council, being among the few great Houses with ships and crews left after the Dominion War. Q’onoS is a warzone, and the Ambassador and the Chancellor required assistance. Shortly thereafter, a GrintaH bird of prey decloaked and attacked the Normandy. After dispatching it easily, she proceeded to the homeworld. Along the way she was intercepted by a GrintaH family Vor’cha cruiser. She demanded the Normandy leave Klingon space immediately, so Captain Len, seeming to comply, ordered the Normandy to skirt the patrol through a nearby Mutara class nebula. Suddenly, a wave of House of Martok birds of prey decloaked and assaulted the GrintaH ships to create a diversion. Third Commander Alexander Roszenko hailed the Normandy and told them to take the opportunity to continue to Q’onoS. She did, and upon arrival, removed Martok and Worf to the fortress world of Q’orgath. Martok appointed Captain Len an official privateer in the service of the House of Martok with license to prey on GrintaH and Tolgoth ships. The Normandy made a stop back at station K7 to relay the situation to them, and was asked to deliver some of the cargo that could no longer move along the trade route to Martok on Q’orgath. They did so, and Martok told them to keep a crate that was sent along with them, which turned out to be a cloaking device. “Consider it a loan,” he said.

Episode 4 - Encroachment
Stardate 58295.4

While the Normandy was running an emergency delivery to plague-stricken Corada V, Commander S’Vok and Dr. Williams were sent to the hot, humid jungle world of Indra III to investigate an automated distress call from the Starfleet frontier xenobiology lab Echo 7. They found the base overrun by vines, so they used a wide angle phaser blast from their shuttle to clear a landing site. They found the power disabled, so they investigated the shield and power generation shed. They found a technician dead and dessicated, with blood red flowers growing out of his flesh. The shield generator had been damaged by organic acid, which Dr. Williams determined had come from a carnivorous plant, one of which they found trapped in the reactor room. After neutralizing it and restoring power, they proceeded to Ops. On the way they found the vines regrowing around the shuttle, so they sent it into orbit to keep it safe. The Ops building had become overrun by another strange plant form, one which lived symbiotically with a dangerous necrotic mold and exuded sticky webbing to trap prey. By clearing out a corridor with their phasers and patching in to the ODN lines, they determined that the plant attacks began after the base brought a new tetryon-based scanning technology online to parse the various intense and vibrant life signs on the planet. Dr. Williams also was able to determine that these various dangerous plant forms shared a genetic heritage, as if they were castes of a single species. Security footage showed a massive attack by spider-like clusters of wickedly thorned vines, which shredded the personnel on base and excreted seeds into the scraps to procreate. They also discovered that the base’s commander, Commander Charon Dekchardt, had left the base to determine the source of the attacks and wasn’t seen again. An examination of the crew quarters showed many more bodies, and the infirmary was full of bloodflower patients, as well as one traumatized EMH. The lab included various samples in stasis of local life, including bloodflowers and the insect that propagated them. The two of them also discovered a comm badge signal from several kilometers away in the jungle, which appeared to come from Deckhardt. They used the shuttles transporters to execute a site-to-site transport to her location, and found her kneeling before a huge stalk emitting pollen with organs that sense and emit pollen extruding from her mouth. Williams determined that these organs, symbiotically insinuated into her nervous system, were the result of a spore infection. They beamed her to the biolab into a stasis tube, and then themselves up to the shuttle. They quickly realized as they analyzed the data that a special moss, sharing the same genetic link to the other plant castes, was dissolving the computer core and causing general malfunction. Decompression only slowed the moss’s progress, so S’Vok tried to beam it out, accidentally taking computer components with them. They manually piloted the shuttle out of the planet’s gravity and signaled to the Normandy. She arrived some days later and rescued her officers. Williams had Ylea beam Deckhardt to sickbay, and after briefing the Captain he ordered her to perform a controlled mind meld. The organs Deckhardt had implanted inside her were a means of communication with “the Mother,” the core of the plant species that had overrun the base. The Mother had already taken and reformed several of the human staff aboard the base, saving their neural clusters to assist her in translating humanoid language and comprehending the knowledge stored in the base computers. In horror, S’Vok recommended the annihilation of the life form, and Dr. Williams suggested at least euthanizing the once-human members. To that end, he configured the deflector dish to irradiate and kill the former humans, and did so.

Episode 3 - Storm Front
Stardate 58288.6

The Normandy was assigned to a task force under the Titan which was conducting a fleet reduction exercise against the Breen, warping into and observing three key systems in Breen space and destroying any fleetyards she encountered with tricobalt devices. Much to the shock of her crew, she found that the Borg had beaten them to the punch. Two of the systems were devastated and almost totally assimilated. The Orias system however was fortified as a last holdout against the invading force. The Borg attacked, and took out most of the Breen forces, when the Normandy interceded and beamed one of her tricobalt torpedoes aboard a cube. It exploded, taking out a neighboring cube and heavily damaging the other. She used her second tricobalt torpedo to take out the nearly defenseless cube. The Normandy then destroyed the Borg collective relay with her last tricobalt device and retreated to rendezvous with the task force and report her findings to Starfleet.

Episode 2 - Mutiny on the HMS Normandy
Stardate 58228.3

The Normandy departed DS9 to transport Klingon ambassador Worf to Casperia Prime for a conference. The mission was going smoothly, until commander S’Vok attempted to load a Romulan card game holodeck program he had purchased from Quark. The program announced that it was a Tal Shiar classified briefing and requested a security code. When the commander was unable to provide one, the program attacked him, and then locked down the ship and identified itself as Subcommander Natral. Natral used the internal security systems to isolate the crew, but they worked around and through them. Dr. Williams took sickbay off the EPS mains and severed the ODN connections, allowing it to function autonomously off its own emergency backup power. He then sent the EMH to various points in the ship to relay messages to the crew. Commander S’Vok fought his way out of Holodeck 1, and was treated by the EMH for his wounds. Captain Len went to check on the ambassador, and received a visit from the EMH while there. She also received a telepathic message from S’Vok, revealing to her his psionic abilities. Chief Engineer Lan worked to get from engineering to the computer core, which proved no mean feat due to a preponderance of security containment fields. He wired the EPS lines to overload the field generators, but Natral responded by announcing that she intended to take the ship to be dissected by the Tal Shiar, and by creating numerous holographic sentries throughout the ship. Meanwhile Dr. Williams beamed an agent designed to compromise the bioneural gelpacks into the ship’s atmosphere, and beamed Cpt. Len and LtC. S’Vok to sickbay, using the emergency medical transporters. LtC. Lan modified several phasers and fought his way through the holo-sentries, and Cpt. Len and S’Vok crawled along the ODN lines to the main computer core, where they rendezvoused with the chief engineer. Together they rushed to lock Natral away in an isolated memory sector as she disengaged life support, vented atmosphere, and shut down artificial gravity. In the end the crew was victorious. S’Vok analyzed the program and discovered it was a briefing on a Federation stealth system project, called Project Tenebrae.

Episode 1 - Into the Nightmare
Stardate 58217.3

This is the Normandy’s maiden voyage. Her mission was to rendezvous with a Romulan warbird, the D’Tran, and seek out the missing Federation starship Tycho Brahe, which was last seen surveying the Gamma Quadrant with a joint Federation and Romulan crew as part of a peaceful science mission to build positive relations. To ensure things went smoothly, a diplomatic envoy was sent: Toxana Vriix, High Manu of the Heshalagar of Betazed and personal rival of Captain Len. The Normandy set off through the wormhole, where Captain Len had a brief and disturbing vision, and arrived at the rendezvous point without incident. After a short briefing fraught with interpersonal friction, the two ships set out on their search of the Barathus sector. What they found was a field of ionizing radiation and a strange alien obelisk. The Tycho Brahe was nearby in a decaying orbit around the same dead world. The radiation was highly hazardous to starship systems, so a probe was sent. Its telemetry confirmed that the crew of the Tycho Brahe were all dead, and its systems were without power and damaged beyond use. Chief Engineer Tobin Lan devised a way that the ship’s shields could be reset to a multiphasic modulation, allowing the ship to survive in the field for about 10 hours. The damage to the shields, however, would require extended repairs afterward. As the discussion went on, the crew began to experience horrible visions, and the ambassador revealed to the Captain that she sensed a terrible being from Betazed’s past, a Demon of Pain and Fear, inhabiting the alien device emitting the radiation. The Romulan ship, apparently similarly effected, charged at the object firing all weapons and was instantly vaporized by a highly advanced and immensely powerful polaron beam. In a bold attempt to cast the demon out, the captain joined with the ambassador, her Betazoid retinue, and Vulcan nurse T’Chani to drive the demon out, with T’Chani serving as the link’s “shields” against psychic attack. Physical manifestations of horror began to appear on the ship as it drew near to the object. The demon’s hold on the object was briefly broken, though terrible psychic damage was done to T’Chani, and the Normandy was able to tractor the Tycho Brahe away from the range of the radiation. To prevent further damage, Captain Len ordered that a probe be outfitted with a torpedo warhead to be used as a long range missile, and had the object destroyed. Unfortunately this widened the radius of the radiation from 10 AU to 50. The Normandy then returned to DS9 with the ship in tow. It was revealed by analysis of the ship’s computer core that the Tycho Brahe had discovered the object and studied it, finding it to be a sort of massive replicator system for the planet below. It appears that when the object was damaged millenia ago, the radiation from its power core destroyed the planet. They tried to activate it and discovered it had a psychic interface, allowing it to anticipate the needs of the populace below. The examination awakened the demon that had come to inhabit it, and it filled the minds of the crew with horrors that killed them. A desperate retaliatory attack exacerbated the damage and caused the radiation to spread, killing the survivors on the Tycho Brahe and frying its systems.

Upon return to DS9, the Normandy’s crew began repairing the ship, and brought T’Chani to Dr. Bashir to see what he could do for her.

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